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Journalism is a method of providing information on events, issues, trends and organizations through an investigation.  Prints, broadcasts and online news should manifest a certain set of ethical principles and standards which cover editing, photojournalism and documentary.  The ethical principles which are important to journalism involve truthfulness and accuracy, objectivity and fairness, and most of all public accountability.

Public accountability is the responsibility of every journalist. He has to inform the reality without prejudice to the limitations of harming other people in any way.  As a journalist, he should be able to be free from mistakes and stay neutral.

What does it take to deliver a factual report?  A reporter should first and foremost seek reliable sources for the story he should be writing about.  Reliable sources are needed because of the public accountability of the reporter. In cases when a wrong report is published, there is necessity for correction in the same medium when the error was made. But there are cases corrections may not be enough. The reporter and the publisher may be sued for libel or slander.  This is why there is a need for a reliable source.

Attribution to eyewitnesses on reported events may be done, especially controversial ones. Some reports may deal with court hearings.  During a trial, the defendant is innocent unless proven guilty. Otherwise, events with at least two independent witnesses may be reported as facts. Facts verification by other members of the publisher’s team makes the report more reliable and this is what every publisher looks for… verifiable facts.  For surveys and statistics, due professional care to communicate the conclusion with accuracy is necessary.  A level of estimated error should not be overlooked.

If a reporter has a right to freedom of expression, individuals also have the right to privacy.  A good cause should be the reason why information about a private individual should be published. It is one that can affect the public interest.  And if the concerned is a public individual, the more that a reporter needs to exercise due care as he performs his duty.

For the protection of a reporter, he should be guided with the principle of harm limitation. All other information gathered is innocent details unless it gets published. What gets a reporter and his publisher in uncomfortable circumstances is when a reporter did not exercise his good judgement on which among the information should be part of his material. When a lawsuit like libel or slander is filed against a reporter, the publisher shows his support the reporter with the funds covered by libel insurance.

Meeting deadlines is the key to usefulness of the information in journalism. Timeliness determines how essential the report is. No matter how good the report is written, publishing at later dates may just be a waste of all the efforts that a journalist has placed in his work.

Being a part of the world of journalism is very exciting. You don’t only learn about things. You also get to know popular people or simple individuals who have a different life worth sharing to the world.  Discovery and sharing is the life of journalism.


The Great Journalism Opportunities




Journalism is a practice of providing information through investigation and reporting. Many are now studying journalism to earn an undergraduate or a postgraduate degree because of the many promising careers that are now available. The more popular jobs where a journalism graduate may work involve translation and interpretation, blogging, reporting and news analysis, public relations, writing and editing.

Translation and interpretation involve emphasis on the relationship between language and society, including the techniques for cultural, scientific and technical communication. Translators focus on written work.  Interpreters on the other hand are more concerned with oral work.

Blogging is a work which makes use of a website where a commentary or news information is provided. It basically contains texts but may include images and links to other websites. What makes it different from other websites is the aim to keep updating information and make readers interact by leaving a comment.  To encourage readers, the report should be written in good taste, providing truth with accuracy as objectivity is displayed for public accountability.

Journalism is known for the purpose of reporting and news analysis. This is associated with printed reports (like broadsheet, tabloid and magazine) or radio and television broadcasting.This type is more prone to libel and slander lawsuits since analysis may become inclined to discrimination. Due care in the practice of professionalism should be considered in this type of work.

The role of public relations in any organization is to give emphasis on the good reputation of the entity. Public relations group stresses the good points of the existence of the entity, whether engaged in product sales or services. This is done by giving the public information on how the company operates and eventually make them understand why it operates in such manner.

Journalism is more on writing. Even if we are dealing with radio or television reporting, there are writers responsible for a piece of material before the information is shared to the public. It also covers feature, creative and technical writing.

Feature writing delivers news involving interpretation, instructions or entertainment. The basic is to write in short simple sentences so the target audience will find it easy to read and appreciate. If feature writing involves interpretation, creative writing involves expression of thoughts and feelings or emotions.

Different from the two writing styles, technical writing in common terms is the “how to” style of writing by providing information on a certain topic. malaysia web design Examples are recipes or manuals of electronic appliances. The writer should be able to provide a solution on a certain concern where the reader is not familiar, thus writing it in terms that the reader will understand without getting confuse with special terms.

Any written material needs editing. The material has to be reviewed and necessary changes should be made in order to conform to standards set. Test Socket Writing and editing can be done by one person, but sometimes editing is done by another person to give focus on the guidelines or tone of the material.  It serves as quality control before the information is released to the public.

Like mentioned earlier, great opportunities wait for those who engage themselves in journalism. There may be some who do not need a formal education to be a good journalist. However, training may still be needed.  After all, it takes a continuous learning process in whatever field of journalism one is dealing with.


Find A Journalism School Wherever You Are

Rewarding career opportunities awaits individuals who finished a degree in communications especially when the degree was earned from universities and colleges with a reputable journalism and communications program. The formal training will involve incorporation research and interview techniques, cultural studies, media theory and ethics.

To show the importance of the role of journalism and communication, UNESCO was charged to promote the development of an action concerning communication and information in Africa.  The action seeks to advance freedom of expression, formulate policies for media development and strengthen the build-up capacity at the institutional level. The program documented the process and results of criteria and indicators for evaluation of media training institutions to identify African journalism schools. The criteria and indicators were formulated with the help of experts, consultants, journalism networks, media and journalism schools, and media development agencies.  With the standards set, twelve institutions were identified as candidates for Centers of Excellence for media training.

In Asia, India experienced a big bang with printed circulation and media journalism as well as online journalism. To meet the increased demand for journalists, the number of journalism schools and colleges also increased. But with this increase the quality of journalism education still remained intact in institutions like AJ Kidwai Mass Communication Research Centre (Jamia, New Delhi), Xavier Institute of Communication (Mumbai), Asian College of Journalism (Chennai), Manorama School of Communication (Kottayam) and Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media (Bangalore).

In Australia, the student satisfaction is a basis for ranking the journalism schools. The perfect example for this is Jschool: Journal Education & Training located in Brisbane.  It has been ranked as number 1 for several years because of the high satisfaction level expressed by its graduates. Another is the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland which is also ranked to belong to the top journalism schools for the diversity of Journalism Course it offers. usclbsa These are:  Introduction to Journalism, Online Journalism, Digital Photojournalism and Feature Writing, Research into Journalism, Industry Research Project (Journalism) and International Journalism.

A post graduate journalism program in Coleraine, Northern Ireland is considered best in United Kingdom. Tioman The MA Journalism postgraduate course offered in the University of Ulster provides an intense and practical curriculum in skills involving news reporting and broadcasting, writing and shorthand. In addition, students may undertake exercises in different courts and councils, emergency services and major sports events.  Due to the training provided, it has achieved accreditation from the National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ) and Broadcast Journalism Training Council (BJTC). Perhentian With this, graduates have the competitive edge in getting a job as this is what employers seek.

In Philadelphia, the Temple University Department of Journalism offers a Master of Journalism degree. The program maximizes the advantage of being in the urban area as the trainings on writing and editing, reporting, ethics and law are carried out via multimedia approach. web design In this program, the students are allowed to create specializations in different fields of study.

Whether one desires to be a staff writer or a news reporter, a high quality program is what he should look for when trying to find the perfect educational institution to earn his journalism degree. In whichever part of the world he is, he will surely find the perfect journalism school for him.

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