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Excerpt From A Geocache Journal

Previously we’ve written about Geocaching and the fun experiences and adventures that await all who chose to get involved including the use of GPS.  The pleasure of bonding with family members of all ages cannot be over emphasized. First person experiences either written in a journal or shared by email are always most compelling.  Dean and his son went on just such a geocache journey.  Here he shares the exploration of Ontario’s McGregor Bay and Lake Huron as he and his son trek around in search of the Frazer Hill Geocache.

“Last summer we decided to do a geocache, Frazer Hill Geocache. It consisted of a 100km car ride, then a 14km boat ride and then a 800M hike up a 500M mountain. I went with my son and 2 dogs.” To navigate the various routes, Dean brought along his 60Csx GPS.

The Garmin 60CSx is a popular outdoor and marine GPS. Encased in a waterproof and rugged housing, the 60CSx has removable mircoSD card for detailed mapping memory. Ideal for geocaching, the unit’s highly sensitive GPS receiver is able to find a signal even in dense foliage or deep canyons. The 60Csx also provides extremely accurate elevation data because of its barometric altimeter.

With his GPS in hand, Dean and his son began their adventure. Dean describes the trip from start to finish, “The car ride was a beautiful scenic ride through the heart of Rainbow Country. The boat ride was along the North Channel of Lake Huron and the hike was up the Quartzite Mountains. Our trusty GPS guided us all the way from home right to the cache.

We had lunch atop the mountain with a beautiful view looking towards Manitoulin Island on one side and McGregor Bay on the other.”

To see more of Dean’s scenic pictures, and to read his original post.

For about ten years now, adventure seekers have been involved in this high tech game of hide ‘n seek through the use of their GPS devices.  At last count the number of Geocaching participants passed the one million mark.  It is played in more than one hundred countries around the world, and that figure is growing as the popularity of the games takes hold. 

Readers are invited to share their GPS story, Geocaching adventure or pictures of your GPS or RAM Mount in action!  Submissions are welcomed from anywhere in the world.  Receive a Free T-Shirt for approved submissions with pictures.

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